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Artists and Craftsmen of Stained Glass Since 1966 SANDBLAST
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Sandblasting or Etching on clear glass produces very attractive results.

There are numerous applications:

Combine with:
Stained Glass Compositions or
Bevelled Glass Clusters
Memorial Plaques
Door Insets
Office Door Identification
  Sandblasting or etching follows the same basic steps. First of all you look for the pattern of your choice. Visit your local sign shop; they'll have hundreds of pages with beautiful designs to choose from. Or you may want to select certain texts in a suitable lettertype (font). They will supply you with a pre-cut adhesive pattern which you then apply to the glass. You then 'weed' all the areas that are to be sandblasted or etched.

For Sandblasting, a heavier vinyl called RESIST is used, otherwise and up to this point, the process for both techniques is the same.
  When etching, one uses etching paste which is applied to the exposed areas of the glass with a small paint brush. After letting it sit for about half an hour, the glass is rinsed and the work is complete. You will be amazed at the result !   The Sandblasting technique produces even more dramatic results because it bites deeper into the glass. Whereas glass etching is very easy to do, sandblasting is more complex because of the special equipment required (compressor, sandblasting sand, protective gear, etcetera). Sandblasting therefore is usually left to the professionals.  

Both techniques produce very impressive and lasting effects. In the photos above, the Rockwells window used the sandblasting technique. The round window used the much easier etching technique. Bos Glassworks does both and carries the supplies.

Come by the Studio for a closer look at some Etched and Sandblasted pieces.

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